Volunteers are to Arrive 7am-8am St. Michael’s Lutheran Church 2139 E Cumberland Street Philadelphia PA 19125.

We are so excited to see you, and grateful that we can start the holiday off by helping others.  You are a Big Part of this, and our Board of Directors would like to Thank Each of You. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 we are asking Volunteers to arrive between 7am-8am at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (2139 E Cumberland Street 19125. Enter the building on Trenton Avenue).

We will start serving our guest at 10am, right after we say a few words and the pastor does a short prayer. 

Thank you for all your Hard Work, Support, Guidance, and helping us to make a difference in the Community.

Turkey Drop

Donate a Turkey to help Feed a Family.

By donating a Turkey you will help us to provide a meal that will feed over 600 people. Too often people are reminded of their poverty, and we aim to help them create wonderful memories by allowing everyone to join us for a FREE Thanksgiving Meal.



Donate a Turkey to Feed a Family and Help them Create Wonderful Memories, instead of being reminded of their poverty

Turkey Donations: The Location is Not Yet Set For This Years Thanksgiving Community Brunch.

The Turkeys are to be frozen, still in the original packaging. If you are unable to make it, contact us and we will make the required arrangements to pick up the Turkey.

You can get a FREE TURKEY at your local super market 

Click the image for ACME website for more details:

Click the image for ShopRite FREE Turkey

Email: thanksgiving.brunch@gmail.com


Why October is Important

We understand that you can not give to every charity, and you are unable to donate every month, but if you will be giving next month remember us.

The month of October is a very important time for our team as we will be gathering all donations to assure that our Chef and his entire team at the Sky Garten get everything they need to make this year’s event another success. The Sky Garten prepares one of the best meals Philadelphia has every experienced, and we thank them for everything they do for the Thanksgiving Community Brunch.

On November 22, 2017, 10:00am-1:00pm, the day before Thanksgiving at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (2139 E Cumberland Street Philadelphia Pa 19125), we provide a meal that feeds over 500 people. Our guest are Veterans, Homeless, and Families who are faced with hardship. No one should be alone or hungry for the holiday, and we believe the Community Brunch offers a solution.

By offering a place where people can gather, eat, meet new people, experience laughter, and be a part of something our team is beyond grateful. We love to offer a solution by providing food, warmth, hygiene products, winter garments, and build new relationships. We welcome everyone, we focus on bringing people together, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Our team relies on support from the community, so if you will be giving next month remember us, we can use a little more help.

Monetary Donations Click: 

Donate Winter Garments & Hygiene Products Click:

To Volunteer Click:

In advance, Our Entire Team at the Thanksgiving Community Brunch Thank You for your support. This is not possible without you.

Our Team is getting Ready

Helping Homeless, Veterans, and Families facing hardship to create wonderful memories, instead of being reminded of their poverty.

Thanksgiving Community Brunch is a team of friends, families and local businesses who have a focus to bring the community closer, and provide a holiday meal everyone will remember. Our goal to feed One Hundred Thousand people, is small in comparison to our desire to bring people together. Family has been the backbone that gives our team the ability to make this all possible. We value each relationship we have and the new relationships that we continue to created.

Many of have been asking. Here we go, a few resources to provide details, means to contribute, and a little detail about what we do: Our Team is Pumped

Event Support

There are many ways to support the Thanksgiving Community Brunch. You can join our team to help setup, serve our guest, clean up, prepare food, pickup products or you can talk with each our guest to help them to feel right at home.

To Volunteer:


You can provide monetary support to help us obtain the products needed to make the Thanksgiving Community Brunch a success. There are so many ways to be a part of this amazing event. We welcome you to join in, and help others to create wonderful memories.

To Donate:

Donate to help


Feed a Family

This year’s event:
St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
2139 E. Cumberland Street Philadelphia, PA 19125
November 27, 2019


To Volunteer, complete this form, and we will provide you with more details as we get closer to the event.


November 27, 2019

This year’s Thanksgiving Community Brunch, Will be held on November 21, 2018 at St. Michaels Lutheran Church 2139 E Cumberland street Philadelphia Pa 19125. 

We welcome you to join us, and we encourage you to share this with those you see fit. We aim to provide a place for people to come, eat, and be a part of something bigger than self. No one should be alone, and no one should go hungry.

You have the power to help by sharing this with others. We are so excited about what is coming this year.



Event News

On this page we will be posting updates about our event to keep you in the loop with what is going on. We understand how excited you are, and we don’t want to leave you in the dark. This is the biggest event of the year, and our team can not wait to see you.