We understand that you can not give to every charity, and you are unable to donate every month, but if you will be giving next month remember us. Our cause is legitimate, and we will be here. 

This year the Thanksgiving Community Brunch will be held on November 27, 2019, 10am – 2pm at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (2139 E. Cumberland St Philadelphia Pa 19125).

Thank you. 

To Donate on our Go Fund Me Page, Click the Go Fund Me Image.Donate Help Veterans

Why do we need support?

Every month is a very important to our team, as we are gathering all donations to assure that our Chef and his entire team are able to get everything they need to make this year’s event a success.

In order for the Thanksgiving Community Brunch to be a success, we look for support from our community, and people who are willing to help make a difference. Making a difference can start with volunteering to help, making a monetary contribution, donating food, clothing or personal hygiene products.

We provide a meal to feed over 500 people, and this is not obtainable without many resources. This year our head Chef will prepare more than 57 Turkey’s, provide breakfast and other items listed on the menu to feed our guest, so we can help them create a wonderful memory for the holiday. No one should be alone or go hungry.

All funds go directly to support the Thanksgiving Community Brunch to feed our guest, providing them with care packages that include winter garments and hygiene products, and setting up the venue. Our entire team is comprised of friends, family, and people who live in the community that donate their time.

Monetary donations can be made by visiting our Go Fund Me page. 

Our team at the Thanksgiving Community Brunch thank you for your generous donation, and support.