Why October is Important

We understand that you can not give to every charity, and you are unable to donate every month, but if you will be giving next month remember us.

The month of October is a very important time for our team as we will be gathering all donations to assure that our Chef and his entire team at the Sky Garten get everything they need to make this year’s event another success. The Sky Garten prepares one of the best meals Philadelphia has every experienced, and we thank them for everything they do for the Thanksgiving Community Brunch.

On November 22, 2017, 10:00am-1:00pm, the day before Thanksgiving at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (2139 E Cumberland Street Philadelphia Pa 19125), we provide a meal that feeds over 500 people. Our guest are Veterans, Homeless, and Families who are faced with hardship. No one should be alone or hungry for the holiday, and we believe the Community Brunch offers a solution.

By offering a place where people can gather, eat, meet new people, experience laughter, and be a part of something our team is beyond grateful. We love to offer a solution by providing food, warmth, hygiene products, winter garments, and build new relationships. We welcome everyone, we focus on bringing people together, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Our team relies on support from the community, so if you will be giving next month remember us, we can use a little more help.

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In advance, Our Entire Team at the Thanksgiving Community Brunch Thank You for your support. This is not possible without you.